Monday, October 31, 2016

Review: THE GHOSTWRITERS by Mickey J. Corrigan

Jacy’s life was going into the crap hole…until she met him that one drunken night.

“Jacy McMaster. J.C. McMaster. Author of no books, McMaster of none. Of course I know your name.” (10) How could this strange, old man know she was struggling to publish a novel?

“If JD actually knew everything about me, well then, he already knew I was a terrific liar. A pathological liar and a thief. A cheat and a failure. A cheap date with a bad attitude and too much school debt. He knew I was desperate. That was probably what drew him to me. He could smell it on me.” (10)

“You don’t get a visit from a dead celebrity every day, kiddo. Famous author bearing gifts? Free pass to a future of fame and fortune? This is a once in a lifetime, my girl.” (12)

An offer she can’t refuse? Writing a guaranteed bestseller?

“I get you, see. I do. I totally get it. You have an active mind. You love to escape reality. You’re inventive, a dreamer. You may even toy with the idea that you, too, could be a writer. You’re pretty sure that, if you were to take up the novelist’s pen, it wouldn’t take too long until you were invited for a live chat with Oprah. Or NPR. Charlie Rose. After all, you have amazing ideas. The journey from here to bestseller, how far can it be? All you need, really, is a good computer program with editing software and a couple of vacation weeks. You’d sit right down and just do it. Hack out the whole damn thing. Instant bestseller. Right?” (13) But what the hell, right?

Jacy’s life suddenly makes a 180 as she writes the sequel to a beloved novel with the help of a famous ghost. The character literally speaks to you and knows exactly how you feel. Dialogue was refreshingly candid and relatable. Jacy is a flawed and cynical character—you can practically call her a grungy curmudgeon. But she still has a soft spot for the written word, which rooks into this book project. Readers will want to root for her and slap her silly at the same time. You’ll love her!

The goal: writing the book. Of course, the two clash constantly, kicking and squalling like baby animals, but with no bloodshed. How could there be bloodshed? We’re dealing with a dead guy here. In fact, one might actually consider if the ghostwriters will, indeed, finish this great novel. And will it be everything it was promised? One must find out!

Story is full of mystery, humor, and irony! A must-read for fans of Catcher and the Rye. An enthralling read from beginning to end!

*I received a free eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

My rating: 5 stars

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