Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lots of Rain and No Book

Hey, everyone!

Hosting Silvio Sirias yesterday was an honor. Thanks to everyone who posted comments and questions. Mr. Sirias had some interesting and challenging questions, but he answered them rather well.

I just finished reading the last pages of "Meet Me under the Ceiba," and I am now sorry to say that I have no new book to read.

It's been pouring the last couple of days here in Southern California, and it hasn't been able to stop since Sunday night. So, basically, I am stuck in here without being able to go out for a jog and without a book to read. So, basically, I am BORED!

My plan, however, is to go down to Libreria Martinez this weekend (hopefully, it will be dry by then) and stock up on some new books. I would order through Amazon, but, let's face it, I can't wait that long.

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  1. Hey look at it this way, Sandra, you're supporting an indi book store and getting an immediate literary fix-not bad for a rainy day!!! ;-)