Thursday, January 28, 2010

All work and No play

Earlier this week, I began reading "Cibolero" by Kermit Lopez, who is currently on a blog tour right now (please check out the dates below.)

Now, usually, I like to get home from work around 2:30pm, eat some dinner, watch a little late afternoon TV; then just prop my feet up, lay back, and read a good book ('cause, quite frankly, there's usually nothing on TV at night anyways.)

Well, lately my boss has been asking me to work 'til 5pm (maybe even close to 6pm), and I've been getting home tired--too tired to even open up a book!

This past week alone, I've just been getting home at around 6:30pm (maybe eat a little something) and just going to bed like an hour or so later. And, let me tell ya, when my head hits that pillow, I am zonked out! I mean it, Lights Out!

So, I guess what I'm saying is that I have been neglecting my reading. Well, today, I have the day off from work, so I'm hoping to get some tonight (reading, I mean).

Don't wait up.

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