Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Review: THE MIRROR by John A. Heldt

Ginny and Katie are 19-year old twins, who are as different as day and night. Ginny was adventurous and Katie was cautious. A visit to a fortune teller at a county fair forsaw the girls taking a journey, an adventure like no other. “If you’re not careful, you may never see home again.”

Not really thinking much of it, the girls make one last stop at the House of Mirrors, where they walk through a glass, leaving their world behind. Suddenly, the twins find themselves at the same fair grounds, but in 1964. Oy vey!

According to their parents—Joel and Grace—who had time-traveled before, the only way back is the same way you came in. So the girls needed to find that House of Mirrors.

John Heldt knows how to write a good time travel story, but the problem is that his stories kind of sound the same, often following the same formula and plot sequence. Like any other time travel tale, the protagonists try to get back to their own time.

Overall, the story is well-written and well-crafted, but it’s a tad predictable, too.

My rating: 3 stars

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