Monday, December 16, 2019

Review: A CHRISTMAS GIFT by Stella Wilkinson (short story)

Holly and Caleb had grown up together but separated in their teens. Now they couldn’t be further apart. Apparently she stayed sweet Sandy and he became the new Grease monkey Danna Zukko. Thing was that even though he turned mean on her, she never really got over her crush on Caleb.

Then she gets thrown for a loop when he asks her to help him pick out a gift for his girlfriend.

Holly is such a nice, sweet girl, so unlike the popular girls that are into hair and make-up. So it baffles me why she likes Caleb so much? And, as they shop around for a gift suitable for a high-maintenance, stuck-up snob, memories of their childhood fill the air and two rekindle something nice.

A like the movie, “Grease,” the shy Sandy straps on some black leather along with brazen confidence.

Sweet YA holiday read!

My rating: 4 stars

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