Thursday, November 14, 2019

Review: SINGLE WIDE FEMALE Box Set by Lilianna Blake and P. Seymour

A 24-book bundle featuring a single, wide female.

Meet Samantha, a 30-something, single woman with a weight problem. After losing so much weight, she is more determined to complete her bucket list. This box set features 24 novellas, one for each item on her bucket list.

#1 Learn Pole Dancing: This was Sam’s chance to be proud of her own body—and to exercise, too! Kinda hard to feel sexy when you walk into the class and it’s hard to tell the difference between the pole and the pole dancers.

#2 Start a Blog: Sam wants to start a blog about her bucket list journey. Problem? Not very tech-savvy. “I need more life in my life.”

#3 Learn to cook: The only cooking Sam ever does is in a microwave or a toaster. Figures that she’d make smoke at her first cooking class.

#4 Create a masterpiece: Sam wants to create the beauty that she sees everyday. The teacher tells her, “Don’t just look at the bowl—go inside the bowl, walk around the bowl, be the bowl.” WTF? Oh, and she had to draw a nude model. Suddenly, she becomes the nude model?

#5 Run a marathon: Sam wants to run toward life and has never been in a sports store

#6 Go Skinny Dipping: Funny how this turns into a group thing

#7 Start online dating: Sam learns that people are not all what they seem

#8 Learn yoga: A battle with tiny yoga pants and an uncontrollable gas problem

#9 Be a mentor: First day, she gets arrested

#10 Crash a wedding: I agree with Max, her best friend, about marriage being a waste of time

#11 Be a movie extra: Sam ends up in a thriller movie and, of course, botches it.

#12 Join a writing group: Real writers write because they must

#13 Enjoy a spa day: a male masseuse

#14 Donate blood: conquering a fear

#15 Learn poker: Max and Sam enjoy a poker lesson, and she wonders if she can finally tell him how she really feels about him

#16 Get a tattoo: Sam shows her heart

#17 Host a dinner party: Sam meets Blue, her one and only blog follower? Of course, she nearly burns her kitchen down

#18 Publish a book: Accepting criticism as well as praise

#19 Walk across hot coals: Ouch!

#20 Learn to swim: Don’t drown, Sam

#21 Learn to meditate: Shut off your brain and don’t talk

#22 Quit my job: Don’t we all?

#23 Learn to Salsa: Eh

#24 Fall in love: Will she finally tell Max how she feels? Will she finally get to meet Blue? This was kind of a far-fetched item. It’s not like you can just turn the corner and, oh yeah, there’s love.

Readers will admire Sam’s will to find her confidence and enjoy her life. Her journey will inspire anyone to start their own bucket list.  Filled with wild, zany scenarios that could only happen to klutzy Sam.

You’ll love Samantha and her adventurous journey. These shorts stories are easy to read and quick to get through. It’s much better to get the whole bundle.

Fun, flirty, and enjoyable!

My rating: 4 stars

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