Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Review: THE HOCUS POCUS MAGIC SHOP by Abigail Drake

Grace O’Leary has been suspended from her university job for cheating. Raised by a detective father and a teacher mother, she was raised to be hardworking and honest. She wouldn’t even think about cheating. The question was: Who could’ve set her up and why?

Her reputation, her career, her relationship ruined because of this. Now she was the campus pariah. Blackballed.

Grace takes this opportunity to visit her Aunt Lucy, who’s been hospitalized, and help her run her magic shop. Could ghosts have pushed her aunt down the stairs?

I thought this story would be better, but it was too slow and the characters were too strange. I thought the magic shop would have….oh, I don’t know…magic!

My rating; 2 stars

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