Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Review: MIDNIGHT SCENT by Dori Lavelle

Former model Ivy is looking to forget the past and start over. She moves into a college dorm, where she finds old letters in her mattress. They were love letters to the previous tenant. Words in the letters ignite a passion in her, making her wonder who this guy is.

After getting away from the spotlight, Ivy aches to be a normal girl and get her college degree. She doesn’t want the lame college boys who only want the model she used to be. No, she wants the author of those letters.

She soon finds out that the man used to be a professor of the college and that “Jennifer” was one of his students whom he was having an affair with. The story goes that a fit of jealousy caused a student’s murder, and the professor was the accused and was awaiting trial. How could the hands of a passionate guy be stained with blood?

“He’s a stranger to me in my head, but so familiar to my heart.” (73) The whole world thinks he’s a monster, but Ivy won’t let herself believe it, so she starts writing back to him.

“He could be dangerous, but he’s my comfort zone. He could be poisonous, but he’s my elixir.” (75)

He gets closer and closer to her, reaching her emotionally and sinfully from behind bars. Talk about some powerful words. Letters are erotically charged that it’s enough to make any girl swoon.

The professor turns her on and scares her at the same time. The man is too powerful. The compelling part was trying to figure him out. Was he for real or was he dangerous?

Lovely and well-written. A worthy read.

My rating: 4 stars

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