Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Review: DYING TO MEET YOU by Rich Amooi

Liz just won the lottery―$575K. Somehow her excitement was tapered by her predictability and routine, but she didn't need fancy, extravagant things to feel fulfilled. But then again...was she fulfilled?

What to do with all that money? It was interesting to find out how the lottery works in California...you know, in case it ever happens to me (fingers crossed.) It was annoying and overwhelming how Liz becomes the center of attention and that everyone wants a piece of her and her money. A dying mother, really?

Adam is a private-jet pilot with a stern view: "Money can't buy me or anyone else happiness. Health is more important than money." (LOC 502) Yes! Still, Adam has a fear of hospitals, like Richard Nixon, which is understandable. After all, who likes hospitals? His fear was that if he ever went in, he might not never come out. I get that! Hospitals + Doctors = Death.

Figures that after Liz wins the lottery is when she finds out she has a terminal disease. Turns out she has a rare bone marrow disease, which is sad. She has 3 months left to live. Damn! In comes the bucket list. Yes!

She makes a list of all the places she wanted to see, so she charters a private plane (Adam) for all her trips. Together, they have the trip of a lifetime.

Although they were opposites, Adam and Liz shared a deep connection. She was a planner and he was spontaneous. She lived in the past (on account of her being a history teacher) and he lived in the present.

Liz: "By failing to prepare, you're preparing to fail." (LOC 1234)

With Adam's help, Liz learns to enjoy life for once.

"It's what we make of the time that counts." (LOC 875)

Smart and well-informed. Witty, endearing, relatable! A good story!

Most people wait 'til retirement to travel to these exotic destinations. Why wait to stop working to have fun? Do it now while you can!

Peru, Africa, Paris, Norway―all places I'd like to see. Very travel inspiring.

My rating: 5 stars

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