Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Review: SOME GIRLS DO by Amy Andrews (Book 1)

“To Friends with Benefits”—a toast made when Cooper first met Lacey at the bar one night, which led to much more. Imagine his astonishment when he finds out she’s only 19 and the little sister of one of his best friends. Yikes!

From the very beginning, Lacey becomes a handful with partying all night and meeting strange men. Fortunately for her, Coop is a good guy and loyal to his friends. A wrench is thrown in the mix when Lacey returns home with a fake pregnancy, and, of course, Coop being the nice guy that he is, volunteers to be the baby daddy. Now he must contend with a wild child (Lacey) and her four protective and intimidating brothers.

The sex scenes were wild, but the story had considerable lag. This was an okay read.

My rating: 3 stars

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