Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Review: THE ONLY ONE by Necie Navone

An heir to Camelot…Security. He was a rich boy with all that money could offer without a care in the world.

Sex without the complications was getting harder and harder to find for Fitz, but he still stuck with it regardless. After all, why attach yourself to someone when nothing lasted forever? This may have something to do with the fact that his birth mother was killed when he was a little boy, and the scar on this side was a constant reminder of that horrible night that still haunts him to this very day. Alas, not a soul has been able to melt the heart of the Beast. The only one who ever came close was his Bella, who always stood up for him growing up. It was she that taught the frightened and lonely boy to trust and accept the family that took him in. But can she every forgive him? A charming tale of Beauty and the Beast.

I thought it was sweet how Fitz and Bella held a torch for each other all these years, never letting go and never letting anyone else in. Of course, things get more difficult when family and friends enter the mix. Drama certainly abounds this classic tale of romance.

The writing was frank and witty, although a little lagging and complex at times. Constantly shifting between past and present, story cleverly blends historic values and metaphors in a contemporary setting. Fitz and his brothers are true knights in shining armor—dedicated, valiant, and honorable. It’s surely a sappy story romance fanatics would enjoy. Personally, I wish it would’ve been a little quicker.

Still, I would like to hear more of The Brothers of Camelot.

My rating: 3 stars

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