Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Review: FIVE MINUTES LATE by Rich Amooi

Ellie is a librarian looking for a promotion; Cedric wants to preserve his grandfather’s old garlic farm. The only way Ellie will get that management position would be for her to raise more money in the library fund raiser.

Meanwhile, the dating well is pretty dry for the two. But, at least, Ellie is trying to seek out Mr. Right through online dating, even if a lot of them are very, VERY wrong. Readers, however, will definitely get a kick out of them though. Date#1: Her date named Dick said his father was also a Dick and took her to Hooters, making it a night with Dick and Hooters. Ha, ha!

Right after her first disastrous date, Ellie saves a handsome Cedric, who was running five minutes late, after he is nearly blindsided by a UPS truck while crossing a street.

The two are adorable around each other—fumbling with their words and awkwardness at the instant attraction. Of course, since each has prior trauma with love lost, the two deny their feelings and avoid getting too close to each other. Meanwhile, Ellie continues the online dating, which, like I said, are a hoot!

Date# 2: A cowboy that talks about lady parts. Ewe! I swear this boy needed to heed the advice of his mama. “[My mama] taught me it’s better to keep my mouth shut and look stupid than to open it and prove it.” (48)

Date#3: A priest wanting to make sure your hymen was intact. That’s it, brother!

The two characters had that snappy, fast-talking pizzazz, which made them all the more compatible. Readers will enjoy the fun chemistry between them. But will Ellie’s theory on tardiness be the thing that stands in their way? For Ellie, her number one rule was that her guy must be punctual. If any of her dates were five minutes late, they were out of the running. Obviously, this was a tad too strict. But, in the end, Ellie learns the Power of Five Minutes Late—how they can take the people you love, how they can save your life, and how they can be the best thing that ever happened to you. Because if it wasn’t for Cedric being five minutes late to his meeting that night, he never would’ve met Ellie.

Witty, well-written, and funny! A fun romantic comedy! Loved it!

My rating: 5 stars

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