Friday, December 28, 2018

Review: THE BARN by Gabriel Beyers

Oh, my ears.The sounds I heard still haunt me unto this day.  Roars and screams; slashing and gurgling; the sound of scared men dying violently.  He did his work quickly, and for that I'm thankful.When a young man sneaks out of his house late one night to meet with his girlfriend in an abandoned barn, he soon finds himself trapped with a trio of gangsters and one unusual hit man.

This is a short story approximately 3,300 words long. The Barn is also included in the short story collection Contemplations of Dinner by Gabriel Beyers.

My thoughts:  Okay writing, but the story was “eh.”

I can’t really say much else because the story was so short that you got almost nothing out of it.

I read it in like 5 minutes.

My rating: 1 star

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