Monday, November 19, 2018

Review: WISH COME TRUE by Patricia Kay

The best things in life are free

What would you do if you won the lottery? For Kate, it’s a wish come true.

Struggling with bills and financial woes while raising four teenagers and contending with a bitter ex-husband, Kate was barely holding it together. Until she discovers that she won the jackpot lottery. Of course, she couldn’t have been more excited. She now had to freedom to buy whatever she wanted. No more having to worry about money EVER.

But, soon, Kate learns the dark side of the lottery like greedy relatives, reporters, and money-hungry investors. I was shocked to hear how her family reacted, as if Kate owed them more money. I mean, she was nice enough to give them each their own car, but, soon, they started asking for more stuff, like a Euro trip, a new house, a new business. Heck, even the reverend was a greedy bastard, wanting $3 million dollars to build a new church. WTF!?

That was the problem with Kate making so many promises to so many people. At this rate, she was going to lose the money faster than she could blink. What I would’ve done is, after securing a nest egg for me and the kids, I would’ve given everyone else an equal share that they could’ve spent however they pleased. If they blew through it, then that’s their problem.

This story was relatable and easy to get into. I liked that the reader engaged in each of the characters as they battled to adjust to the money and all the attention. This goes on the concept that people were never satisfied and always wants more.

A real story that beckons the question: What would you do?

My rating: 4 stars

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