Monday, November 19, 2018

Review: WILDEST DREAMS by Savannah Kade

34-year old Jenn couldn’t, for the life of her, figure out why she was still single. She was a great catch and wasn’t too picky. She even had a Booty Call on the side, even if the guy could be infuriating sometimes.

Now, good ole’ Clark is the perfect man. In fact, he seems TOO perfect. Nevertheless, it crashes and burns. At which point, her mind usually wanders to the hot Booty Call (Walker.) Still, it does nothing but hinder what she desperately wants more than anything: a family of her own.

Nonetheless, Jenn is determined, more than ever, to find her perfect someone, marry him, and have that family. She has faith that she can make her wildest dreams come true.

Jenn is a quirky and witty character. I mean, who else but a compulsive lawyer would make up a list for the perfect mate? I think she was obsessing a little too much on the whole spinster tale. But, of course, having a few sexy romps with Walker during this search n’ tirade couldn’t hurt, right?  

At first, this felt like your standard “friends-with-benefits-turned-romance” story line. There was good chemistry between Jenn and Walker, but the “dating” montage was modest and long-winded. Did we really need a whole chapter on making salad?

And what was up with Clark sending her all these reconciliation gifts? It just spurred on more superfluous gab fests about loser guys, the perfect man, and getting hitched and knocked up before the expiration date. This was a repetitive theme throughout the book.  Sometimes Jenn and Lissa were a little too much to take.  I sometimes couldn’t stand their sneer on the singles status or their crazed obsession with marriage and pregnancy. And then when Jenn realizes that she’s pregnant, she’s still bummed because she got it backwards and Walker wasn’t the father she had chosen. There was just no pleasing this broad.

Story was well-written for the most part and fun. But I must admit that the fun kind of lessened as it dove deeper into the pregnancy. If you thought Jenn was obsessive before…Hello!

My rating: 3 stars

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