Thursday, November 29, 2018


Grizelda Day was a 9-year old contemplating on why her parents chose such a bizarre name for her. Then something happened that sent her spiraling out of control. It all started with the flies-in-the-cube novelty. Could licking it really help you travel through time?

Well, one lick, and POOF! She and her friends were houseflies. The story of their adventure was just beginning―their adventure as TIMEFLIES.

When thinking about the past, you sometimes can't help but wonder what it would've been like if you had been a fly on the wall. Well, Grizelda and her friends now had that opportunity. You empathize with Grizelda's desire to be closer to her parents. It just seems that they spend more time on their phones than anything else. This time-travelling adventure to find the origin of her name actually allowed her to understand her parents more. In this case, she learns that her mother, as a child, had to take care of herself and her parents, often having to prepare the meals and clean the house. Grizelda ends up taking a new understanding, promising to make things better upon her return.

I liked this book! I enjoyed the little, black-and-white illustrations filtered throughout the book. Readers will enjoy seeing the trio overcoming obstacles like learning to use their fly wings and avoiding the horrible swatter. I also liked how the story teaches you the inner-workings of a fly, like how they regurgitate food before eating it.

A  great, fun-filled, time-traveling adventure. I can't wait to see where the TIMEFLIES go from here.

My rating: 4 stars

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