Thursday, November 29, 2018

Review: LOST IN GUYVILLE by Marie D'Abreo

A comic book of a luckless woman named Alex. With a degree in art, she is whittling away endless hours inside a cubicle while coming up with stupid ideas for cereal box layouts. She wanted so much more. She wanted to work in TV; she wanted to write a script. My God, where was the creativity!?

Tired of Corporate Hell, Alex finally quits her job and takes a freelance gig painting background sets, which she likes, especially when she starts hanging out with an old friend from college. But then, suddenly, two more guys enter the picture. And now she's just lost in Guyville.

This is a humorous, contemporary story of traversing the world of guys and the dating life. Alex is funny and relatable, and she has virtually no clue about what she's doing. You just can't help but like her.

The illustrations are quirky and child-like. They're very rustic and old-fashioned, which is reminiscent of childhood and provide the feeling of "home." 

Very nice and enjoyable!

My rating: 4 stars

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