Monday, February 19, 2018


A grieving heiress.
A celebrity psychologist.
A decade of friendship.
Undone by one bold move.

When Camille first met Jackson she was too young.
Too innocent.
Too traumatized.

Friendship was less than what she wanted, but all she could handle.

Ten years later and she’s a different woman. Strong, successful, brave.

At exactly the wrong moment, one bold move threatens everything.
The safe harbor of Jackson’s family.
The unconditional commitment of his friendship.
The collection of secrets she never knew existed,

Claims and confessions come hard and fast as Jackson and Camille navigate all that has never been said.

Each step they take, closer to the truth and each other, demands another layer of secrets must fall.

My review: Camille has just suffered a humiliating break-up, and her best friend, Jackson, crosses the line with a searing kiss. Ever since the two met 10 years ago, Cami has wanted Jack, but he has always been untouchable, which was hard considering he had such a hot body.


After an awkward wedding rehearsal, Jackson confesses his feelings for Cami. The chemistry between them was sizzling. For years, they danced around their attraction and just when they come so close to giving in, something pulls them back, ruining the moment. I have to admit this was a little annoying. The characters had several “missed opportunities,” thrilling the reader with sensual scenes & dialogue, only to be left disappointed by not closing the deal. Talk about getting “blue-balled.”


I liked the characters, and Jackson was, of course, hot and lovable. Their story was well-written for the most part. It definitely had an engaging start, but sort’ve tapered off once they decided to start “dating.” I mean, does Jackson really start psychologizing the whole thing? Of course, it made since considering he was a psychologist, but was it really necessary while they were both naked? How annoying.


I think it would’ve been best had the story moved forward instead of going back a lot. There was too much back-and-forth, going to their first meeting, their first fight, etc. Was that also necessary? I get that this was a friends-to-lovers story, so some flashbacks would create the foundation, but too many made the whole thing lagging.


I think this was a fairly good romance. Friends definitely make the best relationships, but I just think I was left a little too “blue-balled.”


My rating: 3 stars

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