Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Review: A NEW BEGINNING by Brenda Kennedy

This book sounded interesting at first.

Mason is still getting over his bad break-up and doesn't want to get set up with another girl; Angel finally left her abusive relationship and is looking forward to a new start. Pushed together by annoying friends, Mason and Angel are instantly attracted to each other even though neither is seeking a serious relationship.

Story is written in 1st person present tense and alternates between Mason and Angel--a typical love story in he said/she said perspective. It actually read more like a summary, one filled with superfluous details, mild redundancies, and life stories of the couple's circle of friends. It was mediocre, but still compelling in that simple, straightforward fashion.

Overall, this was not overly impressive and could've been better. 

My rating: 2.5 stars

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