Friday, November 10, 2017

Review: NEWFIE, COME HOME by David Belisle

A terrorist group leader named Kihlall? That don’t sound too good. And he must eat his Toasted Tooty-Fruities cereal.O-kay!

Still, I wondered what was up with all this terrorist stuff and how it related to the plot.

Meanwhile, at the McDougall residence, the senior matriarch, Archie, reminisces of days gone by. But the main star of the story is his son, Gord, who was your run-of-the-mill slacker. For some reason, he wanted to end it all with “a shot of Screech and a handful of Flinstone vitamins.” Kind of an odd deadly mixture.  

So, after his first suicide attempt failed, Gord leaves the hospital thinking that if he wants to be somebody, he must kill himself. What in the world…

And so begins his “death quest.”

Eventually, we finally come to Gord’s encounter with the terrorists. At this point, I’m thinking that he should just let them kill him already and put an end to this lame story. But I guess he tries to be a hero of some kind.

This was kind of an odd-ball tale with screwball characters and a quirky dialogue (these characters were Irish.) Although I valued the nonconformity of the story, I felt that there were a few too many screws loose—screws that left a few too many question marks. The pace was kind of slow and it really wasn’t funny. It was more confusing than anything else. I mean, what was Gord’s reasoning for wanting to kill himself? And how was going up against a terrorist considered a “waste of time?”

This book sounded interesting at first, but it really wasn’t what I had anticipated.


My rating: 2 stars

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