Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Review: THE WITCHING ON THE WALL by Constance Barker (Book 1)

Bailey has always been fascinated by the caves of her town. What could the writings and drawings means? That’s why she works for a tour company so she can spend as much time as she can there. Sure, she works for a demanding boss, whom she provides unpaid “Accounting Assistance” as a favor. Really, unpaid?

It’s no wonder that Bailey gets headaches. But, soon, the headaches become much more when she starts hearing voices in her head. How could that be? Could it have anything to do with her birth mother?

In the midsts of all this chaos, she stumbles upon a dead body in the caves, prompting Bailey and her friends to start investigating. Who could’ve had a motive? The bakery ladies seemed to be acting stranger than usual. Perhaps they could’ve had something to do with it. But Bailey soon realizes that their secret had nothing to do with the murder. It turns out that they’re witches and they tell Bailey that she’s a witch, too. Apparently, those voices in her head are simply her ability to read minds.

A witty, fun mystery for the most part, but the whole thing was resolved too quickly in the end.


My rating: 3.5 stars

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