Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Review: UNORTHODOX by S. Peters-Davis

Kendra Spark is an author of romance-thrillers with not only the crafty skill for the written word but also the plaguing ability to see apparitions. Seeing ghosts would certainly inspire some mysterious plots. But who would've thought that she would get thrown into a mystery of her own.

After witnessing the death of her friend, Kendra can't shake the guilt and wonders if the serial case her friend was working on had anything to do with it. Perhaps her psychic abilities could come in handy. That, along with the aid of her recently deceased BFF now parading as a ghost. Kendra must be sly and savvy if she's going to quell her reputation of "talking to air" while hunting down a serial killer and trying to get her next book out. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines! How will she meet the publicist, do promo ads, fulfill her publisher's contract, and catch a killer before his next strike?

Murder, ghosts, psychics, the writer's life--this story had everything I so enjoy in a good book. It's certainly an "unorthodox" tale. Well-written and captivating, this gripping thriller entices the reader from beginning to end. I look forward to more Kendra Spark novels.


My rating: 5 stars

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