Tuesday, March 7, 2017


This is a graphic novel about a girl named Molly, who works at a book shop, and feels uninspired and listless. Before, she was an ingenious artist looking to take the art world by storm. And, now…well, now she has her cat.

It seems that her cat is involved in every aspect of Molly’s life. He’s just there—always there! What?! What do you want?!

To top it all off, Molly has her parents, who explicitly stated, “Listen, either you look for a job today, or you look for a husband.” *Sigh* Why do Mexican fathers feel we should be traded in for beans at the first sign of puberty?

“Stuck in the suburbs. Living with my parents. Artistically stagnant. I’m tempted to call this my blue period, but I’m sure there are exciting new lows I’ve yet to reach.”

Suddenly, an offer is on the table—someone is willing to pay $200 for a portrait of their cat. Uh, where do I meet you? Sounds pretty good, right? Until the cat basically attacks her. AAAHHHH! Gee, didn’t know the job came with bruises and scratches. Heh….Yeah, cats are not nice. They’re arrogant, prissy, and just plain vicious!

It would seem that Molly’s life was going nowhere fast—until one cat portrait turns into catsitting. Oh, the horror! So, deciding to put her BFA from art school to good use, Molly starts drawing comics of her catsitting adventures and posts them on a blog. And what wonderful feedback she receives! Not to mention the mullah from these rich cat owners.

The illustrations were awesome and hilarious! Art was so colorful! Facial expressions were so lively and animated. Molly totally rocked! I loved her snarky and candid repartee. She is so funny, down-to-Earth, and relatable. I totally saw myself in her. The artistic block, the desire to create an epic masterpiece, the fear that no one will like your work, the pitiful lack of money, the envy of those more successful than you, and the creative rut you fall into when all else fails—all things I, and so many artists, can relate to. Being of Mexican descent and an artist, I definitely think we need more Latina characters like her in books and comics.

FINDING MOLLY is a testament to staying true to yourself and finding your way. It’s a tribute to the art world. Such a fun story! Love, love, loved it!

My rating: 5 stars

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