Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Review: A TASTE OF ROMANCE (4 Harlequin stories)

Just by stating that this book is a Harlequin tells you a lot about the predictable end for the couples in these stories. But I decided to give them a whirl anyway because every now and then they come up with a one that’s not so cheesy.

1.       “The Reaper’s Heart” by Michele Hauf

Witch vs. Reaper: A witch and a reaper are at battling odds over each other’s hearts (literally, they want to slice open the chest cavity and rip out each other’s hearts for their own selfish purposes.)  It’s a strange fantasy with true love. Do these two actually fall for each other? Of course, they do! It’s a Harlequin, after all.

They touch each other with magic as neither one is willing to give in. Who will win the heart? The witch will die if she doesn’t get his heart.  I was just curious to see who would win.

This story is a weird paranormal similar to kind you might find in an Anne Rice book, but it is oddly misplaced in this collection of normal human relationships.

2.       “The Good Girl” by Tara Quinn

This story started off kind of boring for me. For one thing, there were too many characters—too many to keep track of and too many that you don’t care for.  The characters are in the middle of a storm. It’s ultimately about not having enough time to proclaim your love to that one special person—very blasé.

The best part was when Bill found out that Mary, the good girl, was a stripper. Now THAT was news. Why not start off with that?
The question was: can a man marry an ex-stripper? Are strippers bad? Well….

3.       “Any Man of Mine” by Debbi Rawlins

The title is a Shania Twain song. I love that song!

Needless to say, this story is all about cowboys. Who wouldn’t want to hook up with a hot cowboy? I’d want Josh to teach me about horses.

I liked Haley and could relate to her introversion. “Drawing was safe and familiar.” (1420)
I really wish this would’ve been a clean romance (no sex) as that kind broke the old cowboy code for me.
Still, can a New Yorker have a future with a cowboy? Well, Harlequin will surely find a way to make it happen.
Oh, by the way, the next story in this series is “You’re still the one.”

Clearly, the author has a fetish for Shania Twain songs.

4.       “Secret Agent Seduction” by Jennifer Morey

All the FBI/TES tactics in the beginning were boring and were skipped for the most part.

Evie has not had much luck with online dating. In fact, her last date ended up being a killer, a killer Agent Jude was hunting and had killed right in front of her. Of course, that’s the moment when he takes a liking to her.

To make a long story short, the two wind up between the sheets in the middle of his covert operation.  

It’s just another Harlequin.
 My rating: 2 stars

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