Monday, February 27, 2017

Review: CAPTURED IN INK by Donna McDonald (Book 3)

This one centered on the blossoming romance between Shane, Will’s other son, and Reesa, his one-night stand, whom he can’t stop thinking about. As soon as he finds her, he realizes how much he can’t live without her and decides to prove it to the reluctant Reesa.

Although Shane is sure Reesa fell for him that night, how could it possibly work with Reesa’s busy schedule and her constant struggle to raise her dead sister’s four kids? That was definitely an honorable quality in her. She would need somebody that is responsible and hard-working, and she doesn’t think that fits Shane Larson, the graphic novelist with the long hair and tattoos. He’s basically a big kid himself. Well, she’s got enough kids to take care of. But then she realizes that Shane was making her and the kids smile again. Shane was doing everything possible to prove that he was in it for the long haul. Still, the boy moved pretty fast. Wanting to marry her already? In love with her? Jeez! The Larson boys don’t like to wait, do they?

I admit that hearing about all the other people being coupled and about the upcoming wedding of Will and Jessica was daunting and blasé. Must we keep on hearing about all these couples and marriage? Another annoying thing was the overuse of phrases like “he laughed” or “she laughed” with dialogue. I mean, seriously, how could they laugh out their speech all the time?

Overall, this was another kinky romance, but I was just getting tired of it all about midway through.

My rating: 3 stars

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