Thursday, January 5, 2017


This story started off innocent enough. Ziggy is a young tiger and he is feeling a little lazy after the last adventure (I haven’t read.) That little selfie is a bit odd. Looked to be nothing but a botched Photoshop project. Not exactly something you’d see in a kid’s book.

Then Ziggy notices something else. Everyone is looking at him strange and calling him fat. Well, what do you expect when you eat nothing but junk (burgers and fries and such.) Again, it was quite unsettling to see an actual photo? Wouldn’t it be better to have an illustration instead?

Book was filled with a lot of junk food pictures. Ziggy was sure out of control, and the only way to get him to eat better was because his mom offered to buy him a new smartphone. 

I liked how this book incorporates a chart for good eating habits. By thinking of the colors of the rainbow, Ziggy was able to name foods of that colors (red=apples, tomatoes, cherries; green=broccoli, spinach; etc.) This book promotes you to “Eat a Rainbow.” I also liked how his mom taught him never to judge by one’s shape. 

Overall, this was an okay children’s story. I mean, I would’ve appreciated more colorful illustrations rather than photographs, but this had a good message.

My rating: 3 stars

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