Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Review: 3 A.M. by Nick Pirog

How would you feel only being awake for an hour and sleeping for the remaining 23? Can you imagine all the things you have to get done in one hour? Not possible! Henry Bins is not a prodigy; he’s a miracle worker!

The interesting thing was what he witnesses the final minute before he falls back asleep: the president walking out of a house, where a woman just screamed. Strange.  But was it really him? And how do you even begin to handle a situation like this?

Witty, at times, this story takes the reader on a grueling, exhausting task of clandestine—often bumbling—exploits. He’s only awake for an hour, for god sakes! And, of course, he has no idea what he’s doing.

Eventually, it started to feel like one of those clumsy James Bond investigations. How do you unlock the secret conspiracies of the White House? Henry Bins actually reminded me of a white version of Will Smith from his Enemy of the State movie. He did spend way too much time talking to that cat though. And perhaps the story swerved into the political thriller genre, which I’m not too keen on, and, admittedly, the mystery sort’ve died down on me. It sounded exciting at the beginning, but then, after a while, I found I couldn’t have cared less on who killed the woman. The whole story was nothing but: wake up, investigate for an hour, then sleep for a REALLY long time. (Rewind & Repeat)

Shoot, I was actually getting sleepy while reading this myself.

My rating: 2 stars

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