Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Review: 100 BY 100: STORIES IN 100 WORDS by M.L. Kennedy

A picture’s worth 1000 words; these stories each have but 100.

“30 Days of Santa” had a creepy test and it almost read like “Twas the Night before Christmas.”

“April Showers” was a clever rendition on the fortuitous rain that cleansed the blood of April’s hands.

“Ennui” is about a poltergeist that can’t wait to haunt the living.

These snap shot tales were witty, quirky, and full of irony. They gave just enough for snarky quip, but, of course, the only downfall was that it leaves the reader wanting more. To me, these read almost like haikus rather than stories, which is not a bad thing. I love short stories. They give you just enough without becoming too much, like a snack before dinner. Well, these tales were more like a spoon full, giving readers more of a taste rather than a good bite. Some were pretty good while others were downright puzzling and weird.

All in all, this was an unorthodox approach to the short story. It was interesting, but I guess I’m more of a traditionalist.  

My rating: 3 stars

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