Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Review: PEYTON’S CHOICE by Kimberly A. Johnson

Seventeen and pregnant. That’s where Peyton found herself in.

It all begins with Peyton recalling her “awkward” years and general inexperience with boys. It had a bit of a slow start. In fact, most of it was pure teenage fluff, which had little interest to me. I just felt that Peyton was blathering on and on. Get to the point, please!

The story goes on to how Peyton meets Brad and begins her relationship with him. It can get a little nitty-gritty when they start talking about sex (contraceptives, stamina, positions, etc.) But this authenticates what young teens go through today.

I wanted to hear about Peyton’s struggles and the profound impact of her “choice,” but the book mainly details the ups and downs of her relationship with Brad.

The story didn’t really take off for me until Peyton realized she was pregnant. What were here options now?  Keep it? Give it up for adoption? Get an abortion? Johnson does a pretty good job at streamlining the fear and angst of an unexpected teenage pregnancy. She clearly had a perceptive view on the matter and it leaves readers pondering. The author even includes the following afterword: Peyton’s story is fiction, but her dilemma is one faced by women in this country every day. Each person who chooses abortion has a unique story. Whether that choice is easy or difficult, the decision is theirs and theirs alone.

Quick and simple, this book is a good account of one of today’s crucial issues.

My rating: 2.5 stars

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