Monday, November 28, 2016

Review: 8 WEEKS by Bethany Lopez

This is the story of a broken marriage. Cal got drunk in Vegas and cheated on his wife, Shelly. It's understandable that Shelly would want a divorce, after all the guy did betray her trust. However, Cal refuses to give up, so he's asking her for 8 weeks of Saturday-night dates (so, basically, 8 dates) to prove he'll do anything to gain her trust and prove his love for her. Personally, I wouldn't have agreed to this, but it was the only way Shelly would get her divorce.

Apparently, these two had an intense and "undying" love.  You could tell by how whiny the two get about the fall of their relationship. Story mostly revolves around the rebuilding of a relationship, which I thought moved kinda slow. Cal is so desperate to get his wife back that it almost gets annoying, turning off the reader. Mainly this was about two people missing each other and wanting what they had back.

This is an okay story of reuniting.

My rating: 3 stars

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