Monday, October 31, 2016

Review: HERE COMES THE WITCH by Ani Gonzales

“Ask me about our Vampire churros.” That’s what Kat Ramos got when she walked into the Banshee Creek Bakery on 666 Main Street, “Satan’s own shopping strip.” Oookay.

It would seem that Kat was there to marry Liam, who owns this haunted house that needs to get “exorcised.” So, first of all, why did Kat have to marry Liam? To break a curse. Ah, interesting.

But this is not the kind of curse you’d see in Beauty and the Beast or anything. In this arrangement, marrying Liam would break the dreaded Santelli curse rendering his house unsellable. This must be the haunted house. But Kat cares for none of it, even if she was captivated by his rugged good looks and charm. No, all she’s interested is in is the money to start her own jewelry company. It was a business arrangement and nothing more. Or…was it? The best thing about Kat was her ability to take this dark curse with clever stride. Crafty and witty, she didn’t scare off easy and was willing to take on any challenge. She was kind’ve like Lydia on Beetlejuice. And, like the main characters on the show, Kat and Liam made a great duo.

The wedding, instead, was more of a “break the curse” ritual. I loved how the whole scene was stylized in this Nightmare Before Christmas panache. Still, with the number of times they tried to break the curse, the house just doesn’t want to be sold. The house doesn’t want? Now that the two were husband and wife, they have to live in that house for a year. A year!? Still, the question remained: How could you break a curse if you had no idea how it started? It’s couple vs. house in this hilariously wicked tale!

Story had a fascinating blend of Wiccan culture and ghoulish mystery. Mystical and eerie, the book was an enchanting read from start to finish. Readers should make wave for Here Comes the Witch.

My rating: 5 stars

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