Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Review: SOME LIKE IT CHARMING by Megan Bryce

Mackenzie's boss, Ethan, is so charming. Everybody thinks so. But Mackenzie is the only one not buying it. She's the only one that tells it like it is right to his face.

The brother-sister relationship between the two was refreshing. Things get a little inappropriate at a softball game with all the touching and all. Being voted as an "eligible bachelor," Ethan is constantly followed by papparazzi, and wouldn't you know it that somebody would take a picture of Ethan grabbing Mackenzie's butt? But when he goes public with a fake engagement--WHAT!?

Of course, Mackenzie, being the fire-pistol that she is, doesn't take the news with grace. I liked that she doesn't fall for his "charm," but pity is the thing that gets to her, which is why she decided to go along with it. And that's when she starts to feel something for this man, this beautiful, charming man.

A fun and engaging short novel! You'll love this modern-day Pretty Woman story!

My rating: 4 stars

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