Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Review: ACTUALLY LOVE by Melanie Shawn

I’m already familiar with the author’s formula for romantic stories, and this book follows suit to the tee.

Jessie Sloan believes that good sex is a myth perpetuated by society so that the species could continue. She takes care of herself and only herself. Zach is a boxer and tired of girls throwing themselves at him. This hottie ends up having an effect on Jessie.

I could relate to Jessie’s strong, independent, and cynic ways. She’s a hard, diligent worker; she’s proactive, not reactive. Of course, I don’t believe in hot arousal in 60 seconds, which is exactly what happens when she first sees Zach.  And things get even more hot when the two end up being roommates.

The two are definitely the odd couple—a story of opposites attract. Jessie is a control freak in business suits; Zach is a laid-back jock in sweats. I mean, only organized Jessie would propose sex (a one-night stand) as a way of “getting it out of your system.”  But what the two don’t know is that this could be actually love.

My rating: 4 stars

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