Tuesday, June 28, 2016


“One day you’ll see wrinkles when you look in the mirror and that day will mean that it’s too late.” Words that haunt London, reminding her of her sorry dating life and the fact that she hasn’t had sex in 3 years.

London is filled with different “me’s”—calm me, angry me, happy me, smart me, and horny me. Like all of us, she has different sides to her, different personalities, different views—and they all battle with each other over her life choices. Strange how she argues with herself—not out loud, of course (I hope.)

On her 27th birthday, her four friends take her out clubbing. And, like she said, “there is nothing worse than a woman with no self-confidence.” (17) When she meets a hottie at the club, London decides to embrace this whole one-night stand idea. And, boy, do her “me’s” get really into it, overanalyzing every little aspect.

I enjoyed the character’s self-deprecating and wry humor, but the story took a little too long to get to the nitty gritty. In fact, the whole one-night stand was overly played with trivial accessories and lengthy chit-chat. Don’t get me wrong, it was quirky and sizzling, but definitely overplayed. Of course, her one-night stand would happen to be one of her company’s biggest clients. Yikes! For someone who is always in control, someone who separates the professional from the personal and always wears her heart on her sleeve, this sure turns into a whirlwind of crazy.

From then on, London will delight readers with her obsessive and neurotic ways.  Once Upon a One-Night Stand is a story of an over-cautious, over-thinking woman dealing with the comical repercussions and tangled emotions of her one-time fling. And London’s zany friends and considerate mother only push her to the furthest brink. A joy of a novel!

My rating: 4 stars

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