Thursday, March 17, 2016

Review: A HAIRY TAIL by Jamie Campbell

Hannah loved school and was bored without it—just like me! Her mother told her to get out of the house and get a summer job; she finds one at an animal shelter.

Washing grungy, filthy mutts didn’t sound too appealing to Hannah…until she sets eyes on Harry, the cutest guy at the shelter. Perhaps this wouldn’t be so bad after all. But Harry isn’t the only one that has captured her heart; a stray dog named Basil also has a leash to it. Suddenly, Hannah makes it her mission to find the dog’s family.

The story is centered on Hannah finding Basil’s family. Hannah is a cute, clumsy teen most of us can relate to. And what was up with Hannah’s mom wanting her kid to be a party girl? Doesn’t she know that she’s not like that? Most parents would’ve loved that! Like Hannah said, “what’s so great about being normal?”

This is an adorable love story with a “Cinderella” ending. Great for romance and animal lovers!

My only issue was that it was too short.

My rating: 3 stars

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