Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Review: MY FIRST by Melanie Shawn (Book 1)

It’s an old photo of Jason and Katie at 11-years old that brings Katie any comfort and subside her oncoming panic attacks. Why? What happened? What was “the incident?”

Now Katie returns to Harpers Crossing and the two are reunited at a mutual friend’s wedding party.

A trip down memory lane from their first meeting in kindergarten to their romantic rendezvous on her last night in town play throughout the book. Ever since kindergarten, Jason has been trying to get her attention.

This is the story of an “unfinished” romance in the whirlwind of wedding events, which were kind of dull. This is the story of “firsts”—first crush, first kiss, first love. Jason is just so WOW! He was the knight in shining armor. Let’s hear more about the Sloan boys!

A sweet, sensual romance.  

My rating: 4 stars

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