Thursday, February 18, 2016

Review: THE LIGHTER SIDE OF LARGE by Becky Siame

Isabella has always had a problem with her weight. In fact, her husband dumps her for her much thinner sister because of it.

"Make your life count by taking charge."--words that provoke Bella into bringing a date to her sister's wedding to prove that she is much better off. But finding a date is not so easy when you're 126 kg.

"Why can't men see what a great person I am? Why can't they see past the fat to the real me?" (51)

For once in her life, the woman is on a mission to lose weight. That along with a list of other goals, some a bit too optimistic if you ask me.

Story illustrates the true horrors of online dating. But I'm glad she found Jae, who appreciated her for the person she was right from the start.

"Life is so unfair and tragedy strikes indiscriminately, but if you keep getting back up when knocked down, you win in the end." (247)

And she does start to see a difference in herself. Pretty soon though, vanity takes over. It's true: People are never happy and always want more. When does the desire to change one's self ever stop? Why is it never enough? I kind of thought that Bella went overboard with all the fat discrimination stuff, so much that it became daunting.

Ultimately, this is a taxing road to weight loss. This is the female version of Fatso--both comical and endearing.

A light-hearted and compassionate story about self-reflection, self-domination, and self-love. Most of all, it is an inspiration to accept yourself as you are.

My rating: 3.5 stars

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