Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Review: GODDESS FOR HIRE by Sonia Singh

A hip chick from Newport Beach, California, who's just turned thirty, discovered she's the incarnation of the Hindu goddess Kali,and happens to be unemployed and still livingwith her parents. Saving the world, though,may prove to be a curry-scented breezecompared to dealing with her extendedIndian family. In their eyes she isn't just theblack sheep -- she's low-grade mutton.

To make matters worse, despite frequent andtherapeutic bouts of shopping and Starbucks,and the mentoring of a Taco Bell-loving,Coca Cola-guzzling swami, Maya hastrouble just surviving, thanks to the attentionsof a Kali-hating fanatic and a matchmaking aunthell-bent on finding her a nice Indian boy. Maya hasno interest in boys. She wants a man and she may have found one.

He's tall, dark, and gorgeous ... and completely uninterested in her.

My thoughts: This is the Indian version of My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding. Your duties: marry an Indian and have Indian babies by age 25. Oh, and be a doctor or a lawyer. For Indians, it’s all about status. That’s why they live in Newport Beach.

I liked Maya. She’s an independent, fierce woman with an acid tongue. Outrageously funny! But is she the reincarnated spirit of a goddess? Apparently.

The story had a quick overview of Indian culture. It was fun seeing Maya harnessing “the Goddess within” and unleashing this massive power. Whoa! She was kind of like Buffy—always having to vanquish the evils of the world as long as it didn’t conflict with her shopping at Fashion Island. It was funny how hooked she got on the power. Of course, darkening and bring lightning to the skies can do that.

“Women like me had only one hope: Marriage.” (173) Maya had more power and potential than credited.

I was all for Girl Power. I absolutely loved this story!

Light-hearted, humorous, and frank!

My rating: 5 stars

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