Wednesday, January 6, 2016


So the title seems explanatory enough: Who killed Randy Ratphink?

Randy has just died and is now a ghost, and this was an interesting perspective as this is all from the POV of Randy himself. Even though “being dead was boring,” he takes his death in snarky, witty stride, handling it the way he’s always handled it—by winging it. I liked him!

Filled with funny commentary that is both light and thought-provoking, Randy sets off on a quest to find his killer while recalling memories from his life. It would seem the memories hold the key to the killer’s identity and what happened. Well, of course!

And so the reader takes the grand tour of the lazy, hippie, vagabond life—traveling all over, living on what you can, and getting what you can by any means necessary. Certain parts lagged, slowing down the flow. You almost feel like a peddling beach bum yourself, trudging along vacant roads of excessive story line to no case in point.  Yeah, the bum’s life can get pretty boring sometimes. The only thing that kept me going was figuring out who the killer was. And judging from the vast array of strange, manipulative characters he meets, the killer could be anyone.

Sometimes I wished the story would hurry along, to bypass all the faceless weirdoes, endless banter, and crude quips, and finally get down to the mystery of the murder. The generous portions of humor and cultural references—added with a touch of international flavor—were appreciated but not enough to sustain a lengthy prologue.  Truth be told, I enjoyed Randy more when he was dead.

In actuality, this strayed from a simple whodunit mystery to a lazy bum’s diary.

My rating: 2.5 stars

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