Thursday, December 10, 2015

Review: FULL OF FIRE by Jennifer Millikin

“Besides, the characters in my books are much more interesting than the assholes around me.” (6)

Lila Mitchell is your typical introverted college student, who evades large groups and prefers the company of paperbacks. Already I like the girl and can relate!

“Rain and dark clouds call for a good book and a warm blanket.” (24)

Cornered by a peppy gal, she reluctantly agrees to attend a party, where she meets the “blond Adonis” Cade whom she pawns off on a friend so she could sneak off and escape into her book once again. Again, my kind of girl. Lila is a smart and witty loner and happy to be.

Of course, sometimes she wondered if she’ll ever find someone. According to her: “I’m easily annoyed, my standards are high, and I have trouble connecting with people.” (23) Mmm, that might be my problem as well.

Very relatable! Lila endures the stamina of a young, single woman with humor and grace.

Then…along comes Xavier, owner of the most exclusive night club in Vegas, a man that ignites a fire within the little book worm. For the first time ever, Lila loses the librarian’s bun and lets her hair down, but still is able to maintain her dignity and self-respect.

Even though Xavier is a rich and handsome man, both he and Lila seemed like total opposites—like night and day, fire and water. At first, they didn’t seem compatible, but then opposites attract, right? The challenges that bestow the loving couple make for a scintillating read.

Full of Fire is a well-written and fun romance that will light a spark in readers.

My rating: 4 stars

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