Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Review: THE GREEN TICKET by Samantha March

Alex is a smart, driven, independent college junior, who knows what she wants and doesn’t want to live off her big sister forever. You can relate to her strive to make a buck and her ambition for something better.

Specializing in business, Alex treats the whole job hunt with delicate precision, organization, and dedication. You got to admire her fierce professionalism. The only thing that bugged me was that she was way too enthusiastic and chipper. Her friends were the embodiment of the classic drunk, party drones so typical in college life.

Still, you root for Alex all the way. Of course, working in a spa wouldn’t really suit me, but Alex loves it. Too bad the job turns out being more than she can handle. The truth was I think she was too “green”—too young, too naïve—for a management position. Then she soon realizes that the business is cold and dirty. Her boss is a chauvinistic playboy creep that thinks he can get away with a pay-off. What’s a new manager to do?

Alex will get the rancid and bitter taste of the real world, putting a damper to her “marshmallow and lollipop” fantasies. The stress of dealing with a jerk of a boss always berating and belittling her will take its toll. Being overwhelmed and too tired to even eat are things we all can relate to. That’s why I would never take a management position because everything falls on you. Where she works can be described in one word: toxic.

I wish I’d catch my boss having an affair. Of course, I wouldn’t feel comfortable working for him anymore, but I’d definitely take the $10 grand and quit. Screw morals!

Certain parts of the story lagged more than others, and the dialogue was mediocre, but the basis of the story was endearing and inspirational.

My rating: 3.5 stars

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