Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review: EBENEZER SCROOGE: GHOST HUNTER by Charles Dickens and Jaqueline Kyle

Ebenezer Scrooge: Ghost Hunter expands the original text of Charles Dicken’s classic with all-new scenes of malicious ghosts, soul devouring wraiths, deadly doppelgangers and other terrors from the netherworld. Our story opens seven years after Marley’s violent death. Ebenezer Scrooge has given up ghost hunting and embraced an inevitable slow death by alcohol poisoning. When the spectre of his deceased partner appears to him on Christmas Eve, Scrooge learns that he must face three Ghosts – one who will try to help him, one who will try to harm him and one that cannot be killed.

In a story that spans a lifetime of torment, Scrooge must face the demons of his past and his failures in the present in order to prevent the horror that is his future. The stakes for Scrooge’s soul have never been higher than in this wicked retelling of the classic, A Christmas Carol.

My thoughts: We've all heard the classic of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, and this book seemed to have an interesting twist. Scrooge, a ghost hunter? That was new.

Of course, Scrooge was still the misanthropic curmudgeon who despises Christmas, keeping uniform of the Dickens tale. Even the language followed suit.

However, story started off a bit slow and it took me a while to understand the context. What began as vaguely nondescript eventually turns into an Old Fashion ghost story--a languid, convoluted ghost story.

The book had an interesting concept, but I just feel that the story drawled on too much to gain any interest. A solid good effort, but not my cup of tea.

My rating: 2 stars


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