Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011 Reading Wrap-up

I started the "2011 Colorful Chick Lit" challenge at the beginning of the year. The objective was to read as many books written by or featuring a woman of color (i.e. Latino, African, Asian, or Indian). And since this was "chick lit," the story had to fit into the romantic-comedy genre. At first, I was extremely voracious about my reading with one book each week, but then, like the spring flowers in the midst of ambient change, my desire began to wilt toward the summer; by the fall, it had completely dried out leaving nothing to regenerate a new breed of life. The last four books were the insects treading across a field of dead twigs--my passion was long gone. I just couldn't rekindle that same spark, and, of course, it didn't help that those last few books I tried to read kept on blowing (total, major blowing.) I pretty much had to stop reading before there would be nothing left to light.

Now as far as the challenge goes, I basically stopped reading for that in the summer. The last few books I tried to finish (I couldn't even break the middle spine mark) did not meet any of requirements for the challenge. First of all, they were all written by white women.

So to wrap it up, here was my total:

Latina books - 4

Asian books - 3

African books - 2

Indian books - 2

I'm not sure if this classifies me as a "queen" of colorful chick lit, but, hey, it's a start. Hopefully my hunger for books will return in 2012. I'm pretty sure it will.

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  1. let see who will be on top list among these in the coming year