Sunday, February 20, 2011

UN-planned Day

As most of you have probably heard (or maybe you saw the signs out front as you were driving by, I don't know,) Borders book store is closing its doors. Sad, I know. I guess they weren't making enough money to keep the business going (that's been happening all over the place, really.) And, like Circuit City a year ago, EVERYTHING must go--that means everything in the story has been marked down so that it be easy to get rid of.

Naturally, I decided to jump at that chance. What reader wouldn't?

The plan for today was simple: wake up early for a morning jog, get a hair cut, and go to Borders to rack up a good 8-10 books for my collection.

Sad to say that this plan did not go as expected; and I really hate that too because I'm a Virgo and Virgos are hard-core planners. If things don't go as planned, the whole world crumbles.

Not that I didn't get one thing accomplished. I mean, I did do the jogging thing, but I missed the hair cut. Why? Well, I forgot the hair cut place I go to is closed on Sundays.

But I did manage to go to Borders, and, sure enough, there it was--a huge sign across the building reading, "CLOSING."

The strange part was that as soon as I walked in, a lady quickly ambushed me asking where a certain book was. Excuse me, uh, hello, I don't work here! Common misconception, I know. Still, it was funny. Out of ALL the people in that crowded store, she singled ME out. Why? I wonder. I was actually curious to know why she thought I worked there. I mean, I didn't have a name tag with a Borders logo on it; most people that worked there had one. And I had my purse strapped to me. What worker carries around her purse on the job? And I had just walked in from outside and still had not taken off my sunglasses. Again, who wears their sunglasses inside, especially if they're on the job? These are all clues I look for when I seek an employee to assist me. Did she miss them all?

So why did she think I worked there?

Could it be that,"Mexican equals Stock Boy?"

Maybe so. Not that that's the first time that's happened to me. Oh, no. My complexion has been the factor to many misconceptions. From waiter to stock boy to thief even.

Something like this has happened before so it will happen again.

Well, anyways, after a few mutterings under my breath, I decided to forget about it and do some book browsing. I was disappointed to find that all the books only had a 20% mark down. If you buy a book that normally is $14, you're buying it for like $12 with the 20%. $12 is still pretty expensive! I thought the books were going to sell for like $5 or $7 (50-75% off) since the store was closing. But NOOOOO! The books are only marked down at 20%.

Well, I only had $20 in my pocket, so I walked away with that same bill as I didn't (couldn't) buy anything. Real drag!

So, basically, today did not go as planned. Really big drag.

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