Monday, February 14, 2011

Bollywood Confidential

The next book I finished was Bollywood Confidential by Sonia Singh.

Raveena is an Indian actress trying to make it in Hollywood films, but she's never gotten her break (except for the Japanese tampon commercial.)

Then she receives the news from her agent--a director wants to give her a starring role in his upcoming Bollywood (India.) Not exactly Blockbuster material. But, hey, you have to take what you can get.

Almost everyone in her life tries to talk Raveen out of this by telling her that India is full of disease, full of contaminated water, and that there is no clean lavatory (so, basically, don't use the bathroom the whole time you're there.) I was surprised at this. Most of these characters were Indian. Weren't they suppose to have some kind of pride for their country (like Mexicans and Chinese?) I guess, that's why they left their country, huh?

The director of the film--Randy--was a total bastard! He did not send to pick up Raveena at the air port when she first arrived in Bombay. The writer did a good job depicting the chaos and lewd behavior. I would've cried myself to sleep the first night too.

Siddart is the famous Bollywood actor known for his romantic films that he is tired of doing. He grudgingly takes on the co-starring role with Raveena and treats like crap instantly. But his demeanor quickly softens when he's alone with her.

As I kept on reading, my interest started to wane. Some parts were kind've boring, like when Siddarth takes her on a little tour of Bombay. I also thought Siddarth was a cowardly wimp--so very UN-hunky. If you ask me, I thought he just didn't deserve Raveena. He's always concerned about what other people think. By the end, they sort've had a blase ending with the whole "happily ever after" thing.

This book was just OKAY. The good thing is that you can finish this book in two days! I think it could've used some more editing too.

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