Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ain't gonna happen

Being an author has allowed me the opportunity to speak at panels and do book signings whenever my schedule permits. I feel honored when fans read my books and ask for my autograph. They treat me like I'm some sort of celebrity (god knows why.) But it can be kinda cool. However, like celebrities, you do get kinda tired from all that. Sometimes you just want to be a normal person. I'll let you in on a little secret: sometimes I like to attend a literary event disguised as a civilian.

Like, for instance, I saw from a website that there was going to be an author's luncheon coming up this November, and I thought, "Oh, that be cool to go to." I was all psyched about it too. I was already gearing up to get the directions.....until I read further down that you needed to pay $45 for a ticket that you have to pre-order in advance. And another $25 for three raffle tickets. So that's $70 total! $70! And what do you get? A lunch that you probably won't enjoy, a discussion with 3 or 4 authors that you've never even heard of and are not really dying to go see, and a minuscule chance of winning a couple of (probably crappy) prizes. For $70? Are they serious?

Not that I am totally bashing this event. If this thing was free, then, yeah, I'd go. But I have to pay to go? That's not fun. How does that New York song go?

The world belongs to everyone
The best things in life are FREE

I am a big supporter of other writers. I like discovering new talent and hearing what they have to say about how they got there and where they're going. I like to PAY IT FORWARD every now and again, I do. But not at $70, I don't. Nah-uh, no way, ain't gonna happen.

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