Thursday, August 26, 2010

Product of the ABC School District

Today, I discovered that I am a "product of the ABC School District."

If you are not familiar with the schools that are a part of the ABC School District, then let me help you out: Ferguson, Melbourne, Tetzlaf, and Cerritos--all schools that I went to as a kid!

About a week ago, I got an email from a lady that works for the district. She was ecstatic to learn from the internet that I was from Hawaiian Gardens and now an AUTHOR. She called me a great role model for young kids and absolutely insisted that I meet up with her to discuss a possibility of talking to the classrooms of the district. So that's what I did today.

I met up with Ann (that's her name, BTW), who hit the floor at the first sight of me (maybe I should've brushed my hair or something, or it might have something to do with the fact that I'm some sort of celebrity now.) Anyway, after she breathed a few times, I proceeded to talk about how I got started in writing and what, if anything, led me to take on this goal when I was in school. For a second, I thought Ann was going to have a stroke. Apparently, she couldn't contain herself because before I could even say anything else, she rushed to the phone to ask if the superintendent could spare a few moments to meet me at that point. Then ten minutes later, we met up with the superintendent, who I relayed my life story and writing career to. Both of them were so amazed by my accomplishment that they purchased like 8 copies of my books. Even the secretary was in awe. And when I told him that I was the designer of my website, they were that much more amazed.

By the end of the meeting, they referred me as "a product of their schools." It actually made me wonder: Did I have anything to do this, or was it all them?

In any sense, it was good to go back and recall all those memories in school. I even met up with my old Vice Principal in Jr. High. Of course, he didn't remember me, but I remembered him (vaguely). See, I'm not that old.

It's going to be great to speak to the students next year. I will tell all of them that it IS possible to make something of yourself. It REALLY IS. I am living proof of that.

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