Saturday, March 13, 2010

What I'm reading

Want to know what I'm reading now? I am reading "Forget about it" by Caprice Crane.

Originally, I bought this book on the grounds that I really enjoyed her first book, "Stupid and Contagious," a hilarious page-turner from start to finish. I mean, I could not stop laughing!

Now, "Forget about it" is about a young lady named Jordan Landau (great name, BTW) who thinks her lifes just sucks: her boss, her co-workers, her boyfriend, her mother, her sister, everything and everyone in her life just sucks. Then she gets hit by a car after catching her boyfriend with another girl. She pretends to have abnesia in hopes of making her sucky life better. I have just come to the part where she is about to fake it.

What I mostly like about Caprice Crane's novels is her blunt, straight-to-the-point humor. I mean, she tells it like it is. The world does suck, and she's not afraid to admit it. I think we all feel that way at some point (I know I do at times). But Crane brings this everyday casualty to this smart wit.

Even though some of her sentences do run kind've long that I lose track of what the point was. And not everything she says is funny or even sensible. Sometimes I find myself thinking, "Oh, I get it," when something really isn't as funny as it should be. Or I think, "What? I don't get it."

Nonetheless, some of it is pretty hilarious, and I can't wait to read more of it tonight.

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