Saturday, March 6, 2010

Received a new book from a local author yesterday

Yesterday, I came home from work at around half past five. I had just finished locking up the office (my boss and everyone else had left me all alone to wait for the Fed Ex guys while they started their weekend plans earlier in the afternoon.)

Anyways, I picked up the mail at my apartment, and there was a package inside. What could this be? I wondered. I don't remember ordering anything. Then I saw the return label, and it was from an author friend of mine, Donna Del Oro, who has recently published her second book, "Hasta La Vista, BAby."

I was so psyched that I instantly started reading it last night!

Chapter one started off with the main character, Sonia, who just received the heartwrenching news that her husband, Earl, was divorcing her to marry his pregnant ex-girlfriend. And this happens at a family BBQ.

Sonia starts going ballistic. She ended up chasing Earl all around the pool with a fork. The first chapter ended with her quest to find out what makes a man tick. She figures if she can figure that part out, she may even get her husband (and her normal life)back.

What makes a man tick? Boy, we've all tried to figure that out (and most of us still haven't).

I bet that chase scene was pretty funny. Like something out of a Charlie Chaplin film. I just wish the author would've shown it to us. She just basically summarized it in a sentence or two.

And Earl? He is described as a Brad Pitt Cowabunga dude. With a name like Earl? He sounds more like my grandpa. I wonder how the author came up with the names for the characters.

Well, maybe I'll find out. In the meantime, I am going to get back to "Hasta La Vista, Baby."

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