Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reading "I want Candy" by Kim Wong Keltner

What I am reading.....

"I want Candy" by Kim Wong Keltner

This is something I have always wanted to read. I always figured that there was a story behind a young American born Chinese growing up with a family that comes from the old country. And here it is.

This book is all about a teen girl named Candy, and she spends most of her time working at a San Francisco Chinese restaurant with her mom and dad, and she hates it. Compared to her Asian friend, Ruby, Candy is the fat one. But she is also the smart one.

Candy's goal is to not waste another summer working in the sweat shop AKA the restaurant kitchen, where she makes about 10,000 egg rolls a year. She wants something different.

So far, I have read two chapters. It starts off with the start of her first period, and I stopped after she follows her friend, Ruby, get de-virginized by a pimple-faced kid.

I hope that this book will be more than a girl hitting puberty. I hope Candy will share some of her aspirations as a teen, an American, and a person. I hope her one goal is not just to get a boyfriend or just a boy to stick his tongue down her throat.

Here's hoping....

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